Configuration - config.php

Created: 2022-03-21 16:41:02 || Updated: 2023-01-01 14:25:45

Basic configuration settings for ITFlow exist in config.php. This file is automatically generated during setup.

  • Database details - MariaDB Host, Username, Password, and Database name
    • $dbhost
    • $dbusername
    • $dbpassword
    • $database
    • $mysqli

    • Application instance name
      • $config_app_name

    • Application URL - for cron, email links, client portal SSO
      • $config_base_url

    • HTTPS enabled status
      • $config_https_only

    • Setup enabled status
      • $config_enable_setup

    • GET IP Method - Not configured by default. You can use this setting to adjust how ITFlow logs IP addresses if you use a proxy. By default ITFlow uses PHP's REMOTE_ADDR.

      It is unlikely you'll need to edit config.php outside of the initial app setup or migration.