What is ITFlow?

ITFlow is a free IT documentation, ticketing, and accounting platform, primarily targeted toward small MSPs. ITFlow is still considered to be in Beta and is in active development.

When Johnny started his MSP business, he found that there were few open-source tools on the market that would allow him to run his entire business, so decided to develop his own.

Key Features

Hosting & Support

ITFlow is a self-hosted PHP application. It requires a MariaDB database.
Support is available via the community forums. We do not currently offer paid hosting/support for ITFlow.

ITFlow vs a Wiki

If you are only considering ITFlow for documentation (and not ticketing/accounting), it may make more sense to use a Wiki. We feel ITFlow is best used when all these features are in one place.

That said, an advantage of using ITFlow over a standard wiki is that it provides a structure for recording details about your client's environments straight out of the box. It can be tiresome to try and keep a wiki to a consistent structure (and almost never works!). ITFlow attempts to solve this problem by providing various modules (e.g. assets, networks, certificates), but still allowing free text Documents for procedures, how-tos, etc.

MSP vs Internal Use

The primary use case for ITFlow is by small Managed Service Providers - companies providing support to many different clients. However, there is no reason why you could not find success in using the features of ITFlow as an internal IT team. We're keen to hear feedback around this.

Why not just documentation?

People often query why ITFlow has ticketing & invoicing features and not just documentation. ITFlow is targeted toward small organizations and aims to be an "all in one" tool to run their business.
We understand that in a larger organization, it can make sense to use a dedicated ticket/accounting system. If these features do not interest you, simply hide them in Settings > Modules.


Security is a top priority for us. Whilst ITFlow is in Beta, we're recommending against using it in production to store sensitive information. We try to align to security best practices to ensure ITFlow stays secure. Please feel free to review SonarCloud and/or audit the code yourself.
If you spot a security issue we've missed, please get in touch.

Feature Requests & Bugs

Please raise requests for new features at the Forum. Before raising a feature request, please consider how the feature may benefit others.

For bugs, please raise an issue on Github after confirming an issue does not already exist.


We welcome all suggestions, comments, and (importantly!) pull requests! All we ask is that interactions contribute to a positive community environment.

If you'd like to help contribute code but don't know where to start, see this page.

Finally, we are not professional PHP developers

ITFlow is mainly developed by Sysadmins in their spare time. We're trying our best to ensure that ITFlow becomes a secure, useful tool but want it to always be easy for anyone to contribute (given a little time and effort). The code is mainly procedural style and does not use a framework like Laravel/Code Igniter, etc; this allows other sysadmins to spend time actually contributing to code (if they wish) rather than learning how a specific framework works and attempting to understand MVC. We are not looking to change this at this time.